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"PearlCom has been an invaluable asset to Zsquare, accompanying our journey from day one.
The team brought Zsquare's brand to life, showcasing our uniqueness and sophistication by using a variety of high-res macro images
and vibrant colors that echo Zsquare's versatility and fit to multiple indications in the world of endoscopy.
As we progress PearlCom continues to expand our portfolio as our chosen partner in creation."
Asaf Shahmoon | Chief Executive Officer
Z-Square Medical
"We worked with PearlCom on the visual development of our mobile app in 2021: the goal was to create a health app with a twist,
keeping a professional medical aesthetic while instilling trust among our target users.
The team at PearlCom genuinely understood our goals and challenges and worked with us in partnership,
offering new perspective and contributing ideas as we went along."
João Mendes-Roter | VP Product Marketing
Itamar Medical
"The Pearlcom team demonstrated deep scientific understanding and business
know-how to help implement KAHR’s uniqueness through messaging, branding and strategy.
The way we unmask cancer camouflage really came out in the logo and visual identity.
The PearlCom team was very brought forth smart strategy, creative solutions and smooth implementation to the process."
Yaron Pereg | Chief Executive Officer Kahr Bio
Kahr Bio
"We entrusted Caty Pearl and her team at PearlCom to transform our vision to reality:
from start to finish, the team's high standard of service, professionalism,
deep understanding of branding processes, and exceptional creative skills helped us bring the new T3 to life.
Working with PearlCom was an amazing experience and we are delighted with the results."
Rona Samler | General Manager
T3 Technion Technology Transfer
"PearlCom brought great creativity, imagination, passion, and life sciences expertise to their work
and helped AION Labs build a great new and vibrant brand with an excellent look and feel.
The PearlCom team are top-notch professionals who deliver at the highest level and demonstrated deep passion for our project.
I’m proud in our choice of PearlCom"
Mati Gill | Chief Executive Officer
Aion Labs